Preparing Your Home For Winter

Posted On August 23, 2015

This is our first BLOG on our web site. We thought of many things to write, but we decided as Homeowners, we would share with you what we think needs to be done to prepare your home for the winter ahead.

  • Install a new rubber mat outside the front door
  • Install your seasonal wreath on the front door
  • Start anticipating exterior Christmas lights
  • Have furnace serviced and filters re-placed (I always buy a bunch in advance as they should be changed monthly)
  • Install air conditioner cover on exterior compressor
  • Shut off exterior water spouts and take hoses off bibs
  • Re-place all exterior lighting
  • Have windows washed inside and out
  • Have eavestroughs cleaned and snaked for downspouts to get rid of leaves
  • Look around exterior of house for any openings that furry little creatures might want to call home for the winter ( this applies to exterior decks too)
  • Changes all batteries on thermostats and smoke detectors
  • Test your Alarm system with your Monitoring Company
  • Remember Carbon Monoxide Detectors are past their end date after FIVE years (so look at the back and see when they were made) as they must be re-placed even if they are looking good
  • Add soil to garden plants to ensure their survival for the winter
  • Wrap all small hedges to protect against winter freeze
  • Purchase a shovel and a broom for the winter snow (even if you have a snow service). You must clear all snow within 24 hours from the sidewalk
  • Purchase self-melting pellets for those non-concrete surfaces (it can be used as well on the sidewalk to be kind to dogs)
  • Cover or protect garden furniture
  • Blow out irrigation system
  • Install a plexi-glass cover on any open fireplaces as it will stop all the hot air going up the chimney
  • Remember to turn your humidifier on
  • Purchase washer wiper fluid for the toilets, sinks and showers in case we have another power outage and you must leave your house. The toilets, sinks and showers need to be emptied and the washer wiper fluid poured in to avoid freezing pipes.  If you have to empty toilets and water in sink pipes, turn on the on the ones in the lower level and then start with the highest floor and work your way down
  • Lock your rear garden gate
  • Adjust exterior lighting system “time on and time off’.
  • Cover any exterior pots or sculpture with plastic so water does not get in and they expand and either crack or break altogether
  • Remember to adjust interior lights on timers so people think you are home when you are not
  • If you have a pool, then your pool company knows what to do
  • Wood burning chimneys should be cleaned every two years

And, now for a glass of wine or beer… enjoy.

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