Bedford Park

Bedford Park is an established North Toronto neighbourhood favoured among young families with children, retirees and those who want a quiet, transit accessible uptown residential area. Sandwiched between Teddington Park Ledbury Park it is central and convenient with plenty of green space & outdoor amenities. If you’re looking for a place to call home, raise a family and make lasting community ties, this may be the neighbourhood for you.

Bedford Park


Bedford Park is a family centric uptown neighbourhood with an excellent selection of both private schools and public schools. This community has a variety of parkettes and playgrounds surrounded by a community centre, library and easy access to the TTC at multiple points. Many people refer to Bedford Park as a tight-knit community with culture and family at it’s forefront. Similar neighbourhoods in Toronto include Lawrence Park, Teddington Park, Lytton Park and Wanless Park which offer the same uptown lifestyle and atmosphere as Bedford Park. Each of these have their own characteristics and location-specific environments but generally. Their proximity and feel are noticeable when walking through them.

The mix of homes in Bedford Park ranges from the earlier homes of the 1900’s all the way up to mid 1940’s & modern infill homes. However, it is becoming more of the case that older homes are being taken down in favour of large modern homes driving the resale market up but improving the curb-appeal of the area. Detached and semi-detached are the most prominent types of home with most of the apartment being built on the main thoroughfares. 


Originally a stop-over area for farmers traveling from farm country outside of the city to the markets in Toronto, residents of Bedford Park have maintained a community since the Bedford Park Hotel opened in 1873. The hotel was located on the South-West corner of Yonge Street and Fairlawn Avenue. One of the oldest buildings still located in the neighbourhood is the Bedford Park General Store & Post Office on the South-West corner of Yonge Street and Bedford Park Avenue. Bedford Park was annexed formally in 1912 and following that period there was a flock of wealthy Torontonians looking to buy land in the area causing land value to soar. Decades later it would then be subdivided and sold off as the rest of Toronto’s housing market caught up with the surrounding posh neighbourhoods. 




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